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2011 Foals

2011 Foals At AVALON FARMS

UPDATED :  7/04/11

I am off to a late start in updating my website for our new 2011 Foals but finally here they are.  We have 6 foals born all alive to date healthy (thank you lord) and expect 3 more.



First foal born 3/24/11 A sorrel solid filly 22" tall with 8" canon bone, this little girl will be bigger than both mom an dad.  But boy is she stylish and flashy!.  Dad is Horses Ltd David, and mom is Westwind Cheri Wyne.  This filly is very straight and correct with great topline and neck and level hip.  Like her older (now deceased) brother Dancer, I think this filly will show. She has attitude and that look at me attitude. We will clip this filly in August when ready to wean and be offering her FOR SALE.  She has show potential and is a sweet friendly filly..




Second to Arrive on 3/28/11  was this cute Sorrel Medicine Hat Colt he was 18" tall at birth, and I expect he will be about 28" at maturity.  His sire is Ace and his dam is Vegas.  He has blue eyes and sorrel speckling just like Dance Hall girl his full sister.  I am sure he would test to be LWO and sabino as well.  We would sell him, if someone wants him, he has straight legs and good bite bright blue eyes.  He has a very sweet friendly disposition and likes to be around people.  If he doens't sell he may stay and become a driving team with his sister.




Third to arrive on 04/15/11 is this little blue roan filly by Ace and out of MLF Spanky Buns.  She has her dads blue eyes and has a outgoing friendly disposition.  Good straight legs and bite and very dainty and refined.  Just a lovely filly can't wait to clip off that long hair.  I did see a white spot (I think) on her belly, if I am right, then I would say with her blue eyes she is a minimal overo. Trajedy struck and we lost this little filly at 2 months old.  We don't know for sure what happened one day she was fine the next she was dead.  We suspect a kick from on of the other horses, but really don't know for sure.




Born 5/3/11 a sorrel sabino stud colt.  Sire is Ace and dam is Rosie (Bears Icons Sunshine).  He was 19 1/2" tall a birth with a 7" canon bone.  He has the cutest dish apron face with huge blue eys and is so coy and friendly.  Very very nice colt that has a neck and topline that we all want.  He is a very promising colt.  He will also be offered for sale. I belive he is sabino, not sure if he carries LWO or not.  We will be clipping this colt in August and he will be FOR SALE




Born 5/8/11 A black & white change that!  BLUE ROAN  tobiano stud colt.  Sire is Horses Ltd David and Dam is Pearl.  This colt has the nicest neck with high placement on the shoulder and good length.  He has a very friendly disposition and very alert and showy.  We really are pleased with this colt.  He measured 21 1/4" tall a birth and I expect him to be 32 1/2 to 33" mature.  He will also be FOR SALE when weaned.  Pearl, did it again, another blue roan we didn't notice the blue roan coloring until the last few weeks.  He is an obvious blue roan and such a friendly outgoing full of himself type colt.  I think he could show, good straight legs, neck and topline, what a cutie.



Born 5/15/11 Palomino tobiano filly Sire is Horses Ltd David and Dam is Cricket. We were surprised to find this filly when we got up this morning as mom was not due for another 2 weeks.  We are so happy that she got here fine.  She measures 18 1/4" tall with a 6" canon bone. She is no doubt going to be very very small.  She is unfolding still but appears to have nice straight legs and such a sweet little girl.  This filly is one of the nicest ones we have ever had we are thinking of showing this one.