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2006 Foals

These are my 2006 foals born here.  They are shown in the order of their arrival. 

photo taken at 1 day of age
Filly born 04/17/06
photo taken 04/24/06

Born April 15, bay  with blanket filly. estimated mature near 34" when mature.  Her mom is World of miniatures Camille 32 1/2" and her sire is Johnsons Calico Chief 31 1/2" .  I have decided this filly will be for sale once weaned.  I will take a deposit to hold her until weaning at 4 months old or after depending on when new owner picks her up  She was born 4/17/06 so will be able to go with new owners after August 17, 06.  It doesn't show it in these photos but this filly has a very nice neck and high neck placement, cute head.   Since her sire was shown, I suspect she might be showable.  This filly was sold to a breeder in Oklahoma, I know she will produce beautiful babies for you.

Do Dee at 5 days old
Do Dee chasing our corgi Shelly

Born 04/18/06 Dun filly 20" tall
Do Dee Dun

DoDee at 5 weeks old on 05/22/06

Do Dee is tiny and so cute! But more important she has such a charming personality.  DO Dee thinks she is the most importnat horse on the farm.  She was born friendly and confident that everyone loves her.  Do Dee will mature about 29 to 30" tall she is small has a 6 1/2" canon and was 20" at birth.  She demands attention and expects you to scracth her anytime she finds you in the pasture!  05/22/06 clipped DoDee and she is definitely a line back dun, photo taken today makes her look grulla but I think when her hair grows back in she may go back to yellow dun.   measured her again, and this girl still measures to mature 29" to 30"  DoDee is  SOLD sorry you missed her she is a doll.

B/W filly born 4/26/06 AMHR only


this little black & white filly was born 4/26/06 and looks to be a nice small filly. we initally measured a 7 1/4 canon bone, but will need to remeasure as mom got awfully worried about all this.  Photos were taken at just  18 hours old.  She is up and playing and sassy.  Will update with more photos as she matures.  Mom is Briar Patch Eagles Roan Angel  33" dad is Royal M's Freckles. Update  this filly is very nice, she is AMHR only but will stay way under 34"  Sorry she is sold too.

photo taken June 10, 2006

Sorrel stud colt born 4/26/06

He is tiny he will be an under 30 I think.  His mom is Devary's Misty Molly  33" and dad is Rebel creeks Devistatatingly Maverick 31 1/2.   will be AMHA/AMHR  



5/22/06 feeling pretty good!

what an improvement full recovery photo 5/22/06

Born 5/5/06 a palomino stud colt. Dam is Windy Woods Showtime Fantasy 33 1/4 and dad is Rebel Creeks Devestatingly Maverick.  canon bone measurment is 7" so another little bitty guy, he looks to mature 29 to 30"  King was sold to my step daughter, but unfortunately she had some problems and had to sell him.

photo at 10 days old

photo a 3 days old

Introducing Our LAST foal of the 2006 season.  A lttle red roan (we think) filly  Looks to mature around 30 to 31" tall.  Has a 7" canon bone measurement at birth. Mom is Westwinds Cheri Wynne and dad is Boones Little Blue Buckeroo.  This filly has an absolute doll baby head.  cutiest little head I have ever had.  She also has very nice conformation.   Will be AMHA and AMHR registered.  and will be for sale when weaned in October  This filly and the black and white filly were sold to Canada when I had my cancer scare...I have really regretted selling this darling filly.