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2010 Foals

Our Foals of 2010

age 2 weeks

born 3/19/10 just 18 hrs old

photo at 2 weeks old

Here is #1 foal.  A cute sorrel colt with apron face 4 socks and blue eyes.  Born 3/19/10 he is 20" tall at birth with a 7" canon bone.  He looks very promising with a nice topline and straight legs.  Photos are of him at less than 24 hours old.  Sire is LM Hawks Ace in the Hole and Dam is Sunset Ridge Just Say Amazing (maizie)  We will be selling both mom and baby.


taken at 16 hours old

8 days old

at 9 weeks and freshly clipped

Our #2 foal is quite a Surprise! Our long awaited first foal from Horses LTD David!!!! A palomino filly!  born 3/22/10 at about 10:00 in the evening. She measures 21 1/4" tall with a 7 1/4 canon bone. She has 2 high socks in back and two short ones in front and I suspect she has a blue eye, but can't really tell just yet.  I expect she will mature about 31 to 32".  Mom is our red roan mare Sprages Billie Joyce.  We were expecting just about anything but a palomino! WOW. So it would appear that our little 26 1/2" stud Horses LTD David is a smoky black pinto!


at 2 days old

photo a 9 days old

photo at 2 months

Arriving on 3/25/10 is a tiny filly she measured 17 1/2" tall at birth,  I measured her canon bone at 5 1/2" but I do believe I misread it so will remeasure soon.  At any rate, she is going to be one of those under 30" mares. She is out of Bear Farms Vegas Lights and by LM Hawks Ace in the Hole.  She appears to be a sabino/frame combination.  She has a medicine hat and a stip of sorrel down her back and tail, but also has speckles of color along her side and neck.  She is tiny and refined. We took photos a two days old, but will update the photos in a week.  She probably will be for sale.


6 days old


Gambler at 2 months old

Born 3/29/10 another surprise.  A black & white tovero colt with blue eyes. 20 1/4" tall with a 7 1/2"  canon bone. This guy had a rough start, we though we would never get him to nurse, but he finally has and now he is doing great.  we aren't exactly sure where the tovero part comes in tobaino and frame or tobiano and sabino or frame and sabino.  He is just a little mystery .  He has a super sweet dispostion.  Mom is Bear Farms Icon's Sunshine and Dad is LM Hawks Ace in the Hole.   we measured him at 2 months old and he measured 23 1/4" which according to the foal growth chart puts him at 30" mature


photo at 1 week old

6 weeks old

Born 4/4/10 a super tiny black & white colt he measured a remarkable 15 1/2" tall, I forgot to measure canon bone but will soon.    This little guy just about didn't make it. He came out with his nose tucked down between his front legs rather than pointed forward on his legs.  It was really touch and go, but he arrived alive and is bouncing around the stall like a tiny tornado.    Sire is Horses Limited David and Dam is Von J's Mystical Petals of Calibar.


photo at 5 days old

6 weeks old

6 days less than 2 months old

Born 4/6/10  a very pretty red & white colt measuring 20" tall and a 7 1/4" canon bone.  This guy really has some potential and a very sweet nature.  Dad is Horses Limited David and Mom is Shadows little Joy.  This colt is very promising. Clipped him up and measured him again, he measures 22" tall with a 7 1/8 canon bone.  The charts put him maturing 29 to 29 1/2.


photo at 1 wk


Born 4/11/10 sorrel stud colt measure 21 3/4" tall and has and 8" canon bone at birth.  This big boy I suspect will have the looks to show. He is still unfolding and we will keep you posted on him.  His sire is LM Hawks Ace in the Hole.  Dam is Westwind Cheri Wynne.  He sure has the bloodlines to be a show horse.  He has a blaze and I think 4 white socks.  He will be AMHA and AMHR registered at weaning time.


1 month old

Born 04/21/10 Black or Blue roan solid filly with a blaze.  She is a tall girl 23 1/2" at birth.  She is still unfolding so we will take photos later.  Sire is LM Hawks Ace in the Hole mom is Briar Patch Eagles Roan Angel (Pearl).  She has a beautiful head and neck and time will tell what we decide to do with her.


photo at sunset on 06/19/10

photo taken sunset 06/19/10

Born 6/2/10 a tiny black filly by LM Hawks Ace in the Hole and out of Bear Farms Salute (gremlin).  She is on 16" tall and very sweet and friendly.  The photos were taken at sunset, so she doesn't appear black, but she is the mousy color that all black foals are that eventually turn black. (mom & dad are both black).  We aren't sure just yet what we are going to do with this filly.


photo taken on 06/19/10

Born 6/14/10 Black filly with bright blue eyes and bald face.  This tiny filly was only 15 1/2" tall at birth.  She is by LM Hawks Ace in the Hole and out of Bear Farms Phantom of Pandoras.  This tiny filly has some issues we are waiting to see if they will resolve.  She is beautful and so refined.  I am hoping we will have more photos of her at a later time.


photo taken at 3 days old


3 1/2 months old

Born 6/17/10 a black minimal overo colt measuring 19 1/2" tall with a 6 3/4" canon bone.  This little guy is really handsome. He has a nice neck, level topline and croup and has nice refinement.  He also has blue eyes.
His sire is LM Hawks Ace in the Hole and dam is Bear Farms Icons Special (socks).  He could possibly be dominant for black because of both parents being black.  This colt looks to me like he has show potential.



photo at 4 days old


Born 7/7/10 our final foal of the season.  Black stud colt 20 1/4" tall with bright blue eyes offset cresent and snip on his nose.  This colt is very refinined and looks very promising  he is for sale with his dam or by himself.