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Sales Terms

Sales Terms



Seller offers a Payment Plan and Boarding until pick up as a service and convenience to customers.  the 'Terms of Sale' apply as follows to ALL FOALS and HORSES sold.


1. Deposits are required to hold a horse for a buyer and take it off the market.  Deposits are non-refundable.  Minimum deposit of 25% of purchase price is required.  A 'Purchase Agreement' outlining Payments, Payment Due Dates, and Deadlines will be sent to all buyers who decide to purchase on a Payment Plan. 

2. Once a deposit is received the horse is considered sold and will be taken off the market.


3. Seller is not responsible for accidents, injury, or illness to foals/horses during the payment or boarding period prior to the foal/horse being picked up. 


4. The buyer will be responsible to pay for the purchased horse in full before the horse is allowed to leave sellers farm or in the event of the death of the foal/horse.


5.  on some payment plans the seller may required the buyer to obtain equine insurance payable to the seller.   Buyer is encouraged to obtain equine insurance immediately upon purchase of any horse whether paid in full or on payment plan for their own protection.


6.  A horse is considered Sold on the date payment / deposit  is received and the buyer is considered the owner of the horse on that date.


7. The new owner is responsible for any veterinary charges, liability or risk of loss.  Buyer has right to any decision regarding care if veterinary care is required and will be contacted as soon as possible.


8. Buyers are asked to pick up horse as soon as possible after payment in full.  Buyers are allowed up to 30 days to pick up the horse at no charge for board.  The 30 days begins the day Buyer and Date of payment in full.  After 30 days board of $3.00 per day will be charged.  Exception is unweaned foals.  Unweaned foals are to be picked up within 30 days of their weaning date.

8.  Transportation of the foal/horse is the responsibility of the buyer.  Buyer assumes all responsibility and risk during transport.

9.  For your Convenience, several forms of payment are accepted check ,cash or money order.  Horses may not leave until checks have cleared the bank. 

10. Vet exams prior to purchase are always welcome.  I have nothing to hide, and buyers are welcome to have horses tested for anything they want ... as long as the buyer pays the vet bill.  All Vet exams, Farm calls/Trip charges, shots, ultra sounds or other vet expenses are at buyer's expense. 


11. Coggins Tests, Health Certificates will be provided at sellers expense for sales within the lower 48 states for horses sold for over $1000.  For international sales coggins will be paid by seller, but health papers are buyer responsibility.  Sales $1000 and under all paper work buyer responsible


12. Horses/foals are sold as is, unless otherwise negotiated in which case the additional negotiated details will be included in purchase agreement. 


13.  Seller will guarantee valid registration papers and transfer for all adult horses.  Seller will guarantee valid application for registration and transfers on foals sold under $600.  Seller will guarantee valid registration and transfers on foals sold over $600.


14. Seller will provide normal care and feeding of horses/foals during the 30 day post purchase time at no charge.



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