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2009 FOALS

Our Foals for 2009

at just 8 hours old


12 days old

Born 08/18/09 a very refined small black stud colt with bright blue eyes and an offset blaze.  This is our first foal from Ace and mom is Dodsons Delta Blue.  This colt measured 20 1/4" tall with a 7 1/4" canon, So we think he will be about 31" mature.  He has a nice long neck and cute head with good legs.  We think he has a lot of promise.  We will update photos soon.  I think his mom is a dominant black as she had not produced anything sorrel or bay.  We also think this colt will probably carry the LWO gene for frame overos. update 1/1/10 Bud went home with a nice couple a few weeks ago, he will be loved and given all the attention that a little horse could want, they were not interested in papers, so he has not been registered.

photo at 3 days old


crickets colt 3 wks old & Funny Face colt 1 wk

Our first foal was a surprise foal. Born 3/21/09.   Cricket our tiny 27 3/4" mare became a mom.  Her foal is very tiny bay colt that is a near duplicate of his sweet little mom.  His only difference is he has two bright blue eyes...mom only has one blue eye.  He measured  18 1/2" tall at birth.  I didn't measure his canon bone but I am guessing he is going to be only a tiny bit taller than his mom.  sire is Fox Fires some like it Hot the Loud Overo stallion we recently sold.  Cricket decided for us that she wanted to be a mom.  Thankfully all turned out well.  This colt is now nearly 2 months only and doesn't appear to have grown any...He is going to be ultra tiny and refined.  I am having a hard time naming some of my foals this year so here are a couple of names I am tossing around for this colt.  Avalon Farms Charlie Brown  or Avalon Farms Jimanie Cricket.  update 1/1/10  Jimmy went home with some very good friends of ours as an abassador of the breed.  We know he will excel at this job! 



overo filly a 3 weeks old


A Patch of Blue at age 2 1/2 months

patches at 14 months old

Our 2nd foal of the year is adorable frame overo filly who appears to be a silver dapple.  She was born April 9, 2009 and was 22 " tall and has an 8" canon.   She is one of the prettiest marked frame overos I have seen.  We are tickled to death with her and although I don't care for silver dapple I doubt this little girl will ever leave us.   Her mom is Briar Patch Roan Angel in AMHR but is Avalon Farms Roan Angel in AMHA. Dad is Foxfires Some Like it Hot the loud frame we recently sold.  This the the 3rd in a row of frame overos from this combination.   update 1/1/10  We have kept Patches for our program and plan on showing her next spring...wish her luck!

photo as 22 hours old

black colt at 2 weeks

Third foal is a solid black colt born 4/11/09 he is 20 1/2" tall with a 7" canon bone.  His mom is Funny Face (aka Vivians Angel Face)  Dad is Vintage Farms O Dynamite.  This little guy is going to be black black black. and he interestingly enough has very deep blue eyes right now but I suspect they will turn brown. He is very refined and has his fathers adorable head. This little guy I have jokingly called Sam Spade so one of my name choices for him is Avalon Farms Sam Spade.  The other is Avalon Farms Johnnie Cash. Update 1/1/10, Sam went home with a nice family last summer, he was sold with application, but I see they didn't bother to register him.

Shakes colt at 1 week

red roan colt 1 week

Tough Guys Wear Pink Too at age 2 months

Foal # 4 is  red roan stud colt born 04/12/09 20" tall with a 6 1/4" canon bone.  Dam is Spragues Billi Joyce and sire is Vintage farms O Dynamite.  He is only a couple of hours old we will get photos soon.  He is definitely a red roan and he has white hind socks and front sock and coronet.  He is a very nice colt with a lot of refinement, smooth level topline and good neck and shoulder placement.  I am interested to watch him develop, because I think he might make a nice small show colt.  This little guy is looking more and more like a show prospect to me with a nice neck and pretty topline straight legs...what a eye catcher.   Update 1/1/10, Toughy went to his new home in St Louis, where I think he has a lot of training planned by his new owners, who knows what he might do.



Born 04/26/09 buckskin stud colt.  Dam is Bear Farms Phantom of Pandoras and sire is Bear Farms Kansas CIty Here I come.  He is a small colt with a beautiful head like his mom.  I failed to measure him, but he is small near the same size as the black colt so I am guessing between 18 1/2 and 19"  He and his mom are both for sale.  I am considering the following names for him.  Avalon Farms Pioneer Spirit or Avalon Farms Mighty MO. updated 1/1/10, Spirit is now owned by my Stepdaughter and her girls, he has a good home and will be her future herd stallion.